Isotop was created in 1995 with the aim of designing and creating high-tech composite parts. Being able to call on high-performance tools and a highly qualified workforce means that Isotop has a presence in areas involving standard nautical applications, providing complete rubber blades; in areas involving non-standard nautical applications, producing such

a wide range of equipment as wheels, spreaders, centreboards, foils, antenna mountings, spi poles, steering pedestals, custom-made rudder blades… and also in non-nautical applications, producing pre-impregnated composite parts or using wet processes under vacuum and under pressure with computer-controlled heat management, modelling, mould production, etc.

Moreover, the synergy between JP3 (design and manufacture of titanium, steel and stainless steel, aluminium parts) and ISOTOP means that today we are in a position to provide you with integrated steering system solutions.
The complementary nature of the two companies has also enabled us to access many non-nautical areas that turn to us for our technical expertise, such as the aviation, automobile and film industries, etc.

Please contact us for any information you may require about how we could contribute to your activities.